My Daily Activity and My Lovely Family my friends, I am Bq Dinda Aulia Rahman, sometimes my friend love to call me Dinda, and I am a student of MTs Arrahmah NW Pringgarata and now I am in the last year at this school. Here, I want to tell you all about my lovely family and my activity that I used to do everyday.

My life is started at 04.30, at this time I usually wake up every morning. After waking up, I pray Subuh in my room but sometimes together with my lovely dad and mom Mr. Lalu Minhajurrahman and Mrs. Zahratul Jannah, in the living room. After having Subuh, I take a bath in my bathroom for thirty minutes. Then I go to the kitchen to find something to eat there. After I had breakfast with my beloved family, then at 07.00 I say good bye, salam and also not forget to shake their hands. My beloved father Mr. Lalu Minhajurrahman usually takes me when I want to go to school till the front gate.

I always go to school on foot because MTs Arrahmah NW Pringgarata, the place where I study is not so far from my house, it is about twenty meters. At school, we are gathered in the yard before coming to our classes each other. There we pray together and have a daily short conversation in English and Arabic languages with all students.

Then at 07.30 we come to our own classes, and I am in the class IX-A. During the lessons, I and my friends always have a good spirit and motivation to acquire materials from our teachers.

In the classroom we are not only given materials to be learned by our teacher, but we are also give a chance to explore ourselves to do decide materials we want to learn, and if I am not wrong my teacher called it as “student center learning” or Pembelajaran Mandiri. Thus we will not be bored just to listen our teachers have speeches by themselves, but we as students also want to be listened. And sometimes my teachers also bring media as their tool to teach us.

After having four lessons, at 13.00 the bell rings as the sign to go home. I usually go home with my friends on foot together. And it is the quality time when we are in having fun with all students from different classes in my school. Why, because we can see and know at each other at this precious time.

At home, after having Dzuhur, I take a rest for a while then at 15.00 I had lunch while preparing for having Ashar. Sometimes before going to walk around my home village I also have a study club with my friends as our preparation for having National Examination.

And in the evening, after having Maghrib in the small mosque near my house, I watched Tv in the living-room, at this time I can gather again with all of my families, there I usually tell my stories that I have passed everyday to my mom and my dad, and it is not only about my good experience, I also tell them about my problems in which my beloved dad always give me the solution to solve the problems I face.

Then after watching Tv, we go to the kitchen to have dinner. The food that we eat is not always delicious food, sometimes it is not taste good. But the food always taste good in my tongue because of the atmosphere in my house the food is added by love and affection by my family thus it makes it delicious taste. After that I come in to my room and reviewed all the lessons I have learned at that day while preparing for the next lessons. After that, I surfed in the internet to find updated information in online articles and sometimes I log in to my facebook account to have chat with my friends.

Then at 22.30 I go to my bad to have a rest and finally I am in the Zzzz.


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