PERESEAN “Sasaq Traditional Fight”


Peresean is a fight between two men armed with sticks rattan (stranding) and armored skin buffalo thick and hard (shield called ende). This tradition is carried out by the public Sasak, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Peresean included in the dance area of Lombok. Fighter in Peresean Pepadu usually called’ and the referee called Pakembar.

Peresean formerly held to train agility in Sasak repel the invaders. Background Peresean is an emotional outlet for the king in the past when it won the duel against his enemies. In addition, the first Peresean also includes media used by the Pepadu’ to train agility, toughness, and courage in matches. That said, Peresean well as ceremony pleading rain for Sasak season dry. Now, Peresean held to welcome guests or tourist who visit Lombok.


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