Problem of Education in Indonesia

Problem of Education in Indonesia

Written By : MOH. GUFRON

            Education is a way to get knowledge applied by learning process. Everyone needs it to improve their selves to better life. However education can assist us to go out from stupidity. But there are several problems often occur in education itself. The problems always invite our concern, included in our country Indonesia. In Indonesia, problems about education come widely without stopping, from province to national level. One of them is national examination that happened several times ago, the problem is new for us, because the national examination previously went clearly. Every school in Indonesia must hold it every year because it is as a passing requirement for each student. National examination is a complicated problem, it has shortage and excess. Therefore, it is being government attention focus especially for Education and Cultural Department of Republic of Indonesia. Although many people want this national examination refused from national education system, but the Ministry of Education and Cultural Muh Nuh still maintain it for next year. The problem of education above is not only the government responsibility, but all of stakeholders must come together to improve the quality of education and produce a brilliant solution for this problem. All of us must help and complete at each other. The one of many ways we can do to solve the problem is, we have to make a happiness learning environment in order nothing heavy encumbrance for us to study. However, our education system will not be better if we do not work together.


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