Intro to Literature “Mid Term”

NAME            : MOH. GUFRON

NIM                : E1D.111.086


Part A. (The Law of Life) Jack London.

  1. What are the symbols in the short story. What do they imply…??? elaborate your answers…!!!

Fundamentally, there are two elements that have shown in this short story. The first is, element of nature and social, this two elements devided into the symbols of this short story.

Element of nature talked about how was the relation between humans and their environment. This element as survival equipments and to help them to do their life. There were several things that have shown to symbolized this story.

Woods as a thing that always need, we use it to make a house, table, and as a place we use to take shelter. But in this story, wood used to survive from danger and to burn fire.

Fire as a bravery symbol and strength. They used it to keep the wolves away and to warm their body when it was snow.

And there were still more symbols from this story.

Element of social managed the interaction of social life between human and human. The symbol of this element is title as a cheif of the indigenous tribe in the Klondike. It followed from generation to generation. The strongest could get it if He had done some requisites, the one is, fight with moose or wolfe and could kill them, of course He will be appointing as a leader of the tribe.

  1. What is Old Kooshkos view about death…??? How did He face death…??? Find some quotations from the story to back up your answers…!!!

Old Kooshkos view about death as a fittingness that will be happen to all of people, don’t know who they are. He thought that it is a must for him n for all, remember that He was old and not function for his tribe. We can take a point from his small conversation with his son : “It is well with you,,,???”, and He answered “It is well”.

This conversation described about his fittingness.

It will be hurt when our child doesn’t attention us when we were old. This story is like want to tell us about the bad effect that probably we will face when we were old, and we had a child.

Old Kooshkos son said : “There is wood next to you and the fire burns bright”. Old Kooshkos felt that his death was come before the time. It meant, his aloneness is his death. Actually He needed his son and his family, but because of tradition, he must be submit.

Part B. (My Heart Leaps Up) William Wordsworth & (The Eagle) Alferd, Lord Tennyson.

  1. The child is father of the man, this is a line take from the poem My Heart Leaps Up. Explain what it means…!!!

The child is father of the man, this line means that, the speaker is still a child, what he is today, is made from what he was for tomorrow. It is a natural structure that always happen to all of people. We would be an old after we had finished our childhood. And it expresses how the speaker feels about nature, everything is still important since he was young until now he is old. As we get elder, we should never lose sight of how important nature is. Nature is also a symbol for joy. And we  have to have joy in life otherwise we would be miserable.

  1. And like a thunderbolt he falls. What is Tennyson trying to emphasis in this particular line…??? Elaborate your answers…!!!

In this section, The speaker tells about how the eagle shoots downward in a straight line fastly, and it’s like a thunderbolt. The eagle has strong eyes to look for it’s prey, or to detect food. “he falls” means the way he flight and swoop down with full speed.


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